What is the Point of a Science Fair Project?

Science is an organized enterprise which builds and organization of knowledge in the shape of testable predictions and observations about the real world. It derives its strength from a group of sciences whose union brings it closer to the scientific method, a discipline that has begun with the Greeks in the thirteenth century B.C. and developed in full force by Galileo in the sixteenth century. The modernization of science has involved drastic modifications of the basic theories. Still, however, the three-dimensional view of reality that science has to date brought it within the reach of everyone, opening enormous possibilities for its application.


The main aim of science is to organize knowledge, but the object of science is not to discover a complete set of laws which will be accepted as the ultimate truth by all minds capable of critical judgment. The object is to discover laws and facts by experiment, analysis and synthesis which are applicable to real life. This task is never possible without an extended vocabulary, wide-ranging techniques and adequate facilities. The object of science is also made difficult by the fact that no precise theory of the structure of matter, motion, and other natural phenomena can be arrived at, except by means of an extended program of research.

An advancement in scientific knowledge adds no value unless it is practiced in practice. Scientific methods of investigation are always useful, but they are never perfect. They need a certain amount of intuition, speculation, and experience before they may be put into practice. In the natural world therefore, progress is slow and mankind has not yet learned all that it takes to transform scientific knowledge into practical use. Nevertheless, man has accomplished more than enough so that we may dream of traveling back to the earth-past or even the future world.

A science fair project could very well represent the culmination of a long-term research programme on a particular subject which has been the subject of much speculation and study. When this sort of culmination occurs, the results can represent the pinnacle of human achievement and they have to be presented in a manner which makes them understandable to all who look upon them. The beauty of this endeavour is that no science can be complete without employing some form of scientific method or procedure. Thus the whole point of a science project is to show that the natural world works according to a systematic logical pattern. The methodology of scientific research can be presented in many different ways but each must rest upon firmly established principles of science itself.

A scientific method is nothing more than a way of investigating how things really work. The natural world is full of patterned events which, taken together, can give rise to a reasonable explanation for the operation of natural laws. Science deals with the laws of nature and attempts to explain how these laws come into being and how they can be predicted. The object of a science fair project is to apply the methods of science to such events as the changing of the internal climate of the earth, the movement of heavenly bodies, the earth’s motion under the sun, and the appearance and disappearance of stars.

Scientific knowledge is not something which can be proved or disproved. Scientific knowledge is something which has been understood and accepted as true since the beginnings of time. This means that there is no end to the amount of evidence which has been accumulated and which can be used as evidence in support of any claim made by an individual or group. It also means that people have used natural processes over time to explain these patterns and it is likely that these processes were also used to create the existing patterns that we observe today. In short, science is about finding out the truth, the statistical facts, and the laws of nature.

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