How Did A Computer Gambling Gadget Get Its Name?


How Did A Computer Gambling Gadget Get Its Name?

GADGET is the acronym for Getting Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Any device, including one whose name is not known. Very often both clever or innovative. He purchased a neat little gadget for shredding paper.

That is a lot of gadgets that you have accumulated over the years. It is only natural to collect more gadgets as each one ages. In addition, he found a great gadget for the kitchen. He purchased a new gadget, the first used gag e, for the very first time.

The very first gadget that he purchased was a small electronic shredder called the gag e. It had a lighted screen and a rotating cutting blade. To say that he was impressed would be an understatement. He had never seen anything like it. He mounted it on a counter in his kitchen and immediately thought of how he would use it to shred all the papers in his office.

The very next day, he purchased yet another more sophisticated gadget. This time, it was a large, heavy, noisy, electric shredder that he attached to the wall. To say that this gadget was intimidating is an understatement. He had never seen anything like it. When he showed off his new tool, everybody in the office wanted to know how he had gotten such a fantastic gadget for such a low price.

When he told them his full name, they all laughed. Nobody would have ever guessed that a very shy, quiet, man with a squeaky voice, from California, would be the owner of one of the best kept secrets in the world. It took him just a few short weeks to convince all his co workers of his amazing identity. When his turn came to apply for a promotion at work, he went in with a different name. Nobody else knew that his real name was Stephen Gaddis.

One of the most interesting things about gadgets is that their owners continue to use them long after they have been replaced by something better or when their usefulness has expired. Imagine the wonder on your boss’s face when he discovers that his worker has managed to fool him for the last eighteen months. This is a genuine story that you will never want to miss. So don’t pass up an opportunity to learn about some of the most interesting gadgets ever made.

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