What Are Technologists?

Technology is the collection of any methods, techniques, systems, or processes utilized in the attainment of goals, including scientific research, and/or in the development of new products or services. Technological change is also known as ‘innovation’; a branch of science that considers the application of the knowledge and skills of one or more individuals to new and different fields. Technological change is not, therefore, simply an expansion of the knowledge and skills of the human population to new applications.


Technologists are involved in shaping the information society. In a world dominated by information, technologists determine the range of opportunities as well as threats posed by emerging technologies. Technologists are involved in designating methods for information transfer. They analyze the social, economic, technical, organizational, environmental, and political aspects of how people use technology. They are responsible for the management of the existing information system, designing new systems, developing new standards for technological performance, and disseminating the results of their work to relevant fields.

Technologists are an important part of the information society. Technologists are involved in many areas of research and practice. Technologists are called upon to analyze new products or processes, suggest modifications, test designs, develop new or improved equipment, and evaluate new or modified processes. They are called upon to provide advice or recommendations for handling complicated problems. Technologists are required in many different fields. They are needed in the aerospace industry, computer industries, telecommunications, semiconductor and photonics industries, medical industries, transportation, computer industries, power generation, manufacturing, agriculture, the environment, finance, and communications.

The technologist is also an important member of the business community. A technologist can be found in all different types of organizations. Retail and entertainment industries, engineering and scientific research, manufacturing, trade and marketing, government, and nonprofit organizations depend upon the technologist. Technologists are also needed in most every field of education.

The technologist should have a clear understanding of technology. They must possess an interest in the development and use of information and communication systems, computer sciences, math, physics, and English. They should be able to analyze and determine problem solving techniques. Their research and studies should contribute to the betterment of society.

Today the demand for technologists is increasing. It has become necessary for professionals to acquire certain skills that will make them stand out from the crowd. Many universities and colleges now offer programs with specific focus on this field. A technologist may choose to specialize in a particular area. An associate’s degree is the minimum acceptable educational qualification for most employers.

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