What Is Technology?

Technology is an ever-expanding field, with new technologies being developed everyday. Technological systems are the collective result of various practices, theories, and methods utilized in the development of goods and services or in the achievement of specific goals, for example scientific research. Some forms of technology are for the benefit of the public; others are typically developed for the private sector. While technology is commonly associated with technological systems, there are a number of categories that overlap and are often considered to be part of technology. These include information technology, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, and computer systems.


IT is crucial to virtually every aspect of contemporary society. It can be seen in every aspect of business, including education, industry, government, and consumer markets. For example, chip makers have developed personal computers that can be used by individuals around the world. Computer networks allow individuals to share documents, databases, email, and other information. Innovative digital devices such as digital cameras and handheld computers have made it possible for individuals to communicate digitally through e-mail or instant messaging. The impact of IT on society has been profound and advancing technology has largely contributed to this progress.

Technologists are involved in nearly every facet of society, influencing how products and services are developed, marketed, operated, and used. Many technologists are employed by the government to provide computer software solutions, create weapons of mass destruction, or perform a variety of medical tasks. In the past, technologists were primarily involved in the military or finance industries, but increasingly this field is attracting students with both technical and liberal arts degrees. Many technologists also choose to start their own companies.

Technology is often considered to be part of science, but this relationship is not as simple as it might seem. Science is a discipline designed to analyze, describe, and test theories and ideas. In contrast, technology is an action discipline (one that gets done). Therefore, technology is much more than knowledge, although knowledge is a component of technology.

Technologists are involved in creating new information systems and designs. They analyze the information and determine how it can be used to improve specific processes, products, or processes. In doing so, technologists come into contact with many different types of people, each with their unique sets of needs and wants. Technologists are engaged in developing new products or services, finding ways to make existing products more efficient, and analyzing how information systems can be improved.

There is a lot to technology. This field influences everything from transportation to communication to medicine. The impact of technology is vast and will continue to affect the way society conducts business, protects itself, and provides services. The key to success in technology is creativity combined with an ability to analyze and evaluate information. Successful technologists are able to apply scientific principles to solve real-world problems and to provide solutions for broad sectors of society.

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