The Relationship Between China and Technology


The Relationship Between China and Technology

Technology is the systematic application of science and technology to improve or change something, typically by altering the existing process rather than the product itself. In other words, it is the study of how science and technology affect the world in general. Today, technology has become woven heavily into many aspects of our lives; therefore, we must become more aware of its impact on society. Although technology affects all aspects of life in one way or another, the impact is somewhat unevenly distributed. Technological systems and practices can either decrease or enhance opportunities for everyone, or they can create numerous opportunities for some and render others useless.

The term technology sector refers to the different technological activities and organizations that are encompassed within the IT sector. Some examples include software, hardware, networking, and telecommunications. There are many sub-sectors within the technology sector, which are further broken down by geographic area or industry. These sub-sectors include computer and information technology (CIT), cognitive science, healthcare, engineering, financial sector, consumer electronics, semiconductor technology, energy, and information technology (IT). In recent years, the health care, information technology, and semiconductor technology sectors have gained the most revenue.

China has emerged as a world leader in information technology, particularly in computer technology. Recently, there has been an explosive growth in Chinese sales of personal computers and laptops, in addition to the growth in the purchase of computers and other technology products from the United States, Europe, Japan, and South Korea. The growth in Chinese purchases of high-end devices has significantly reduced the price of IT-related products in many countries, especially in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, and India.

The term technology companies refers to those who produce, own, and/or operate websites and online businesses. Examples of the type of websites and online businesses include Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Yelp, and Etsy. Other companies that fall into this category include textbook publisher publishing companies, fashion apparel companies, lingerie companies, and travel agencies. Technological innovation can be described using both broad and narrow definitions. For instance, some experts believe that the term technology is also used to refer to scientific inventions like the electric light, radio, and television, while others define it as the application of scientific knowledge in technology.

China’s dominance in Information Technology has resulted in massive savings for Chinese companies and individuals. To help finance the rapid growth of Chinese internet companies, China has developed a great firewall known as the Great Firewall, which is basically a vast internet blocking device. This internet blocking device is designed to prevent the access to certain websites that are deemed to be pornographic by China’s government. Although China has a great firewall, Chinese internet users often bypass this and access forbidden websites that do not fall within the boundaries of China’s jurisdiction. This has created a huge problem for Western companies that need access to China for their products and services.

Many of these companies have been forced to seek alternative means of getting into China. In recent years, two different methods have emerged as viable alternatives to China’s Great Firewall – either creating a company located in China with its own localized web presence or developing a Chinese based alternative to twitter, Facebook, and other popular sites. Both methods have had varying degrees of success. As of late, more European internet companies have decided to locate their physical presence in China, thereby circumventing China’s Great Firewall. This strategy has produced mixed results, as some Chinese web companies have made efforts to block European companies from gaining foothold via Chinese social media sites.

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