Computer Technology – What Is It and Why Is It So Significant?

Technology is the science of any methods, skills, systems, and practices employed in the creation of new products or services or in accomplishing goals, like scientific investigation. The application of technology is often viewed in a technological sense. Some people define technology as something that has been accumulated over time; in other cases, technology is defined as “a set of techniques and practices used to enhance human well-being.”


Technological change is occurring at an increasing rate. Rapid changes have been noted in several fields. For example, while advancements in communications and entertainment have taken people by storm, transportation continues to deteriorate. It has become even more pressing to address the issues of pollution, sustainability, and environmental impact. This focus by governments, business, civil society, and citizens worldwide has produced a positive environmental impact.

Technological systems have also contributed to the human condition in positive ways. Technological systems can extend the capacity of human endeavor, produce wealth beyond what is possible through manual labor, provide solutions for the unaccomplished basic needs, create the potential for greater levels of productivity, create a better quality of life, expand human interaction, and respond to emergencies and provide for the economic, social, and political needs of the people. Technological systems are therefore not only creating new job markets but also new sources of income, improved standards of living, and better distribution of resources. These advantages would not have been achieved if it had not been for the contributions of the 20th century’s technological pioneers.

Technological Systems have been instrumental in shaping human communications. Communication has taken the form of digital technologies. Digital technologies transfer information using waves or signals. The electrical signals are transformed into actual messages and can be sent to receivers with the aid of electronic equipment or transmitted via various forms of communication networks. Some examples of such networks include the Internet, satellite TV, and cellular telephony.

Computer technology is used in all walks of life, including business, medicine, education, government, and private homes. It has greatly influenced all other aspects of our lives. Today we live in a world where we carry many electronic items with us at all times and most of these items can be described as being either computer-related (i.e. personal computers, mobile phones, office supplies, etc.)

Computer technology is also responsible for the development of the Internet. The Internet uses a group of computers in a network to process information. This information is transferred from a source computer to a destination computer, which in turn sends the information to people’s computers at the source and destination. The Internet, which is a collective medium, allows for communication to occur in real time. This means that while the Internet is used for business, education, social network building, and even for entertainment, the basic function of the Internet (the exchange of information) has remained constant.

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