A Simple Guide To A Few Terms Used By A Gadgeteer!


A Simple Guide To A Few Terms Used By A Gadgeteer!

A gadget is simply any ingenious piece or technological article designed especially for the purpose of serving some social, economical, psychological or even aesthetic ends. Gadgets can be termed as amazing devices. In the present period gadgets occupy an important place in the field of arts, technology, science, health, literature and entertainment. The importance of gadgets has increased over the years and new models are introduced frequently. A well informed consumer can choose a perfect gadget for him according to his personal needs.

The word gadget originates from the French word gadget meaning “instrument”. A plethora of wonderful devices are designed to do all sorts of jobs. The names of many famous gadgets bear the word gadget before it. Some of the most popular American brands like the Palm, iPhone, i-Phone, Tickle Me Elmo, Ring tones, Cameras, DVD players and camcorders have taken the name of gadget in their product names. Even today the word gadget and smart phone do not mean a particular brand but refers to both a machine and a person.

As far as the gadgets are concerned, they can be divided into three categories based on the technology used to create them. These are Digital, Mobile and Hybrid. All the three types of gadgets are technologically advanced but they differ in the manner in which they operate. Some of the best selling widgets in the market today are Digital Widgets, Mobile Widgets and Hybrid Gadgets. Let us see in detail the differences between these three types of devices.

Digital widgets are such smart electronic devices that run on touch screen technology. The Digital widget mainly comprises of a small monitor, keyboard and pointing device. They are very easy to use as they do not require any complex installation process or software. To use them one just needs to download a free widget from the internet and place it in the palm of your hand.

Mobile widgets come as small portable devices that come fitted with a touch screen. They are extremely popular among kids as they are very easy to manipulate and play with. Kids can make use of them to draw, tap and pinch. In order to access the information stored in them, one just needs to click on the info tile.

On the other hand, hybrid widgets are also known as mediums. These are devices that are used to bring an electronic document, image or any other graphical object to the user’s eye. This can be done either by touch, using a pointer or by viewing the object through eyepiece. The best example of a hybrid digital object is the calculator. It has calculator functions inbuilt in it that can be accessed by clicking on certain buttons.

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